Delivering your drinks on the fly!

Expand your reach

Beachgoers don’t want to go somewhere to have a cocktail.

Waiters don’t have the time to deliver drinks. It means fewer clients and fewer sales.

Become the first bar on the beach or golf course to take orders online and deliver them by Drone.

Purchase DroneKIT and set it up on your own in one day.

How it works?

  1. Clients chooses the drink and pays for it via our app
  2. Bartender receives the order on his tablet, makes the drink and passes it to the waiter
  3. Waiter brings the drink to the DroneBase, attaches it to the Drone and launches
  4. Drone delivers the drink to the nearest platform and returns to DroneBase

Create a great customer experience

  • Connect to nearest cafe
  • Choose the drink you like
  • Pay in one touch
  • Watch your drink`s flight from above
  • Connect to nearest cafe
  • Choose the drink you like
  • Pay in one touch
  • Watch your drink`s flight from above

Ease of use

It has never been so easy to set up your own drink delivery service.

All components of DroneBar come in a single DroneKIT: place DroneBase next to the café, arrange Platforms along the beach or golf course, draw flight routes between DroneBase and Platforms.

Finally, put your drinks on the DroneBar menu and can start receiving new orders!

Designed from scratch


  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Demountable
  • Waterproof
  • Smart, hot swappable batteries
  • Bright LCD display
  • Large «START» key
  • Autonomous low altitude parachute
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Propeller guards
  • Stereo cameras
  • Loudspeaker
  • LED lighting belt
  1. Aerodynamic shape
  2. Demountable
  3. Waterproof
  1. Smart, hot swappable batteries
  2. Bright LCD display
  3. Large «START» key
  1. Autonomous low altitude parachute
  2. Obstacle avoidance
  3. Propeller guards
  1. Stereo cameras
  2. Loudspeaker
  3. LED lighting belt


Demountable & Lightweight
  • For ease of use and transportation
Spare batteries
  • Removable 4 battery charging station for a quick swap of batteries
Spare batteries
  1. Removable 4 battery charging station for quick swap
Demountable & Lightweight
  1. For ease of use and transportation


Drone can be demounted into carry-on suitcase for convenient storage during off-season or for transportation

Smart, hot swappable batteries

Smart battery shows remaining capacity and indicates when there is a need to change it. Batteries can be changed without reboot of the Drone – it means Drone can fly new missions immediately after the swap of batteries.


Loudspeaker is used to warn people to stay away during take off/landing and drink release.

Stereo cameras

Facing down stereo cameras are used for accurate landing and to translate real time video feed of the Drone’s flight on the client’s phone

LED lighting belt

Bright LED lighting belt under the battery shows the current state of Drone.


IP55 protection allows Drone to be left on the DroneBase during rains.

Obstacle avoidance

Allows Drone to stop flying when any obstacle is detected in front or above.

Layered layout

Cup compartment is located at the bottom to improve aerodynamics and to avoid swing.

Core components of electronics are mounted on different layers and allow easy replacement in a modular plug-and-play manner.

Autonomous parachute

Minimizes the risks associated with operating drone over populated areas.

Parachute is activated in a fraction of a second using pneumatic launcher.

The drone is brought safely to ground avoiding injuries to bystanders and damage to drone.

Propeller guards

Metal detachable propeller guards protect human fingers and hands

Surprise your clients with high quality Drone service

They will appreciate the convenience and innovative approach, and you will quickly notice your sales spiking.

See how it works

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